Saturday, 06 February 2016

Vandals knew it was wrong

EVERY now and then, something happens which makes people’s jaws drop.

Normally, it is followed by the question “really?”

Today’s article, which reveals two seven-year-olds went on a rampage of destruction at a graveyard, is one such incident.

People, quite rightly, ask how two people so young could be responsible for such a malicious act.

Only the children involved know the answer to that question. But as a community, we deserve to know.

Various laws of the land – not least the fact they are below the age of criminal responsibility – will prevent the two young yobs from ever being identified.

But that does not mean they will get away scot-free.

It appears the parents of the two children concerned are playing a part in the so-called restorative justice process, by ensuring they write letters of apology to the families affected.

While that is commendable, the question of why two boys of that age were wandering alone in a cemetery in the first place must be asked.

If there is a small mitigating factor in this case, it is the age of the culprits.

Perhaps one could argue they did not fully grasp the upset or distress their actions would cause.

But by seven all children know it is wrong to steal or destroy something which is not theirs.

Let’s hope the stern words meted out to these young errants make them realise the error of their ways.

And that their actions are not a warning sign of worse to come.

By North West Evening Mail
Published: February 9, 2012


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