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Ulverston hotel under closure threat

PLANS have been submitted to close an Ulverston hotel and replace it with homes.

The owners of the Armadale Hotel and Restaurant, in Arrad Foot, near Ulverston, have applied to South Lakeland District Council to convert the main three-storey building into a house.

It is proposed to demolish the other buildings, including the restaurant, and build seven new homes, including two affordable properties.

However, when contacted by the Evening Mail, boss Colin Cropley said it was business as usual and the plans were submitted to “expand our options”. He said: “It just gives us more options. It’s viable in that I support it myself, I have more than one business.”

The statement supplied to SLDC said the business was put on the market at the end of 2008. It said no serious interest had been shown and no offers made, despite “continual reductions in price”.

The Cropley family took over the Armadale in 2004, but the statement said several factors had resulted in the business making a loss for more than four years.

The business employs one full-time and six part-time members of staff.

Planning permission was granted in 2005 for a 13-bedroom extension, but funding was unavailable to carry out the work.
The statement said the smoking ban, increases in alcohol duty and petrol prices, and new venues in Ulverston had taken a toll on business.

It also pointed to increased electricity prices and said the Armadale was an old building which required constant upkeep and attention.

The statement said: “This, together with the recession, which has had a huge impact on the trade, has meant the Armadale trades on limited opening times and has made a continual loss for over four years, with huge reductions in staff levels.

“Mr Cropley has had to look for additional revenue to support his family and has built up a bespoke wine and beer supply business to the South Lakes.

“But his ability to develop this is severely restricted by the amount of time he has to work at the Armadale.”

Arrad Foot resident Chris Nelson said: “It’s more of a nice local eatery and is handy to have, but it’s not as essential as a local pub. It would be a shame to see it go, but it wouldn’t cripple the community.”

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In 1987 I bought a house valued by an 'estate agent' at £18,000.
This valuation has no basis on anything other than this estate agents guess that he or she could get for the property in the then 'current marketplace'.

If I had £18,000 in the bank this would have been an 'affordable home' would it not?
As it happened I didn't have £18,000 in the bank so it wasn't 'affordable'.

To go ahead and buy it I had to borrow money as a loan secured not on the property but on the 'estimated valuation' aka a guess made by someone else calling themselves a valuer which resulted in my good self being shackled to a mortgage for 25 years.
Back then everyone was doing it, signing up to loans they couldn't afford I mean.

So in the total absence of any kind of sanity the bank/building society/loan company will in effect buy a home for someone as long as four people make the correct guesses.

1. The estate agent guesses a value people are willing to pay.
2. A valuer guesses a value that the loan company people hope will cover their 'loan' (it isn't really a loan but I'll leave that for another day) should repossession be required.
3. The loan arranger guesses that the person applying will be able to make the repayments plus interest over the term of the loan.
4. The person doing the buying guesses that they will always be able to afford the repayments for the period of the loan.

So what is an affordable home?
One you can afford to buy from your own means without getting yourself in hock to a loan company.

Homes the majority in this land can afford are as rare as hens teeth. So much so that I would venture to suggest that for the majority of the population there is no such thing as an affordable home.

If anyone else has a different take on this then let's hear it.

Posted by Tony on 3 December 2012 at 13:21

There is a need for more housing in Ulverston & the surrounding area. So why not at Arrad Foot.

Posted by jane on 30 November 2012 at 16:22

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