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Rubbish spies handing out £100 fines to Carlisle residents

Scores of Carlisle residents have been threatened with £100 fines for putting their rubbish out too early.

Rubbish photo
Bags of rubbish left out on Aglionby Street

Nine people have so far been forced to pay up after council patrols launched a crackdown in parts of the city.

Officers are literally going through rubbish bags to find those responsible and 80 homes have been sent warning letters telling them they could be hit with a fine or even court action if they put rubbish out more than a day early.

Door-to-door patrols have taken to the streets in two problem areas, one of which is St Aidan’s, with interpreters for those who don’t speak English.

The council says it’s not a huge problem but it is a persistent one and blights the areas affected – those with weekly bin bag collections – attracting vermin and litter.

Ray Bloxham, portfolio holder for environment and infrastructure, said the council wanted to encourage the public to take pride in their communities and were committed to tackling litter and other enviro-crimes.

“We continue to take an education before enforcement approach but will take action if necessary,” he warned.

A council spokesperson said neighbourhood enforcement officers monitored the situation across the city and had been made aware of two problem areas recently.

She said they started out by knocking on doors to warn people about putting rubbish out too early, then progressed to the letters and finally to fines themselves.

“We’re not going round issuing fines in a blanket approach – it’s the final course of action,” she added.

“We want to educate people first.”

She said they encouraged anyone with information about persistent offenders to contact the council.

“We’re not talking about people who are going away on holiday and put their rubbish out early because of that, or people who work night shifts,” she said.

“It’s the ones who just carry on doing it, despite being warned.”

The letters, which warn of prosecution under the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005, have been translated for non-English speakers.

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Well said Mark, they would rather pick on easy targets than tackle 'real' issues. It's about time these people spent a late evening on Botchergate, with Police support, and fined all those dropping Kebab papers, burger wrappers, pizza boxes and bottles all over the place. Drive along Botchergate early on any Sunday morning and it's looks as if a nuclear bomb has gone off.

I do agree persistent offenders should be fined but only after the Council tackled more important problems. In my book, people putting bags out a few days early is low down on my list of problems in this city and I think that is the problem so many of us have - they seem to focus on easy targets.

Why do they do this? Are they gutless?

Posted by Dave Evans on 15 August 2009 at 20:05

It's funny how the council will fine people for littering in the town centre during office hours and householders for putting rubbish out early.

But where are the council wardens when all the drunks are dropping bottles, glasses and rubbish from takeaways on a nighttime.

Oh yeah the council will only prosecute easy targets!

Posted by Mark on 15 August 2009 at 13:19

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