Saturday, 13 February 2016

Revised brewery plan goes on show

RESIDENTS are set to have their say on revised plans to build a new supermarket in Ulverston.

SITE: The proposed location for a new supermarket. Inset, the Bird in Hand pub and Union Inn

Robinson’s has today revealed its new designs for a store on the Old Brewery site, which the company says will create 110 full-time jobs, will go on display at the Coronation Hall on Friday.

Planners say they have spent months listening to concerns raised by the local community and several authorities who had opposed the original plans, which were withdrawn by the developers earlier this year.

Tony Clowes, managing director of Positive Location Properties, which is managing Robinson’s development plans, said a lot of time and effort had gone into creating a new design they felt would benefit Ulverston.

He confirmed there was interest in the site but said he was unable to say which supermarket could be making the former brewery its new home.

He added: “We would not be displaying our proposals unless we were confident we could deliver.”

The developers have consulted a number of authorities, including English Heritage and the Highways Agency.

The new plans, they say, will safeguard the heritage of the site while providing economic benefit to the town.

Key buildings, including the vacant Union Inn and Bird In Hand pubs, will be retained. The brewery buildings fronting on to Brewery Street will stay, while two cottages will be demolished.

Mr Clowes added: “We believe we have created an attractive, heritage-rich development, offering numerous benefits and giving convenience store shoppers a reason to spend their money within the town, rather than elsewhere.”

A planning application for the site is expected to be submitted later this month.

Today’s development comes just weeks after Sainsbury’s submitted an application for an out-of-town supermarket, just off Lightburn Road.

Some supporters of Keep Ulverston Special, which opposes the Sainsbury’s development, have said the Robinson’s plan could increase trade in town centre shops.

Dave Milligan said: “Out-of-town stores kill town centres, however ‘in-town’ supermarkets attract footfall within towns. Therefore the Robinson’s scheme gets my vote.”

The plans will be on display from 10am until 6.30pm.

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There they go again looksta!.Tony,one of a number of Ulverstonians who just cant contain their jaundiced views.Well let me tell you Tony lad,I am Askam born and bred and would never ever leave Askam,but I tell this old lad,give me Barrow any day,it might not be pretty but its got a lot more going for it than your twopence halfpenny Ulverston.Take your rose tinted specs off lad and look at Ulverston for what it really is-a nothing town that is fast becoming a Dalton lookalike.

Posted by K Amos. on 8 November 2012 at 21:15

I do like all the cultural activities in Ulverston but not so keen on the frequent anti-Barrow rhetoric. True it would always have been a rather nice second-home location but it has benefited from being adjacent to its rather more industrial neighbour. True we are living through a post-industrial period but traditional art forms music etc have their roots firmly in the culture of the working people. Separated from that it is all so much empty effete froth. People of Cumbria aren't all happy to absorbed into some Tolkienesque world of yurts and North Pass rucksacks.

Posted by Phil on 6 November 2012 at 14:41

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