Sunday, 14 February 2016

Piggy delight at farm after sows’ delivery

A BABY boom brought on a whole new meaning to a surprised Furness businessman.

Sows, Wiggy and Mummy Pig delivered 24 piglets between them at the same time at the Cumbrian Pig Company.

Wiggy’s eight piglets were her first litter while Mummy Pig’s 16 piglets were her second.

Two of the piglets died shortly after birth.

Now one–week–old, the remaining 22 Tamworth and Saddleback crosses are all healthy, running around the sheds of the company in Ulverston.

Owner Angus Duncan said the new additions were the largest litters he had ever had. He said: “It was a bit of a shock and with the price of pig feed, it’s an additional 22 mouths to feed. But they are just so adorable.”

Mr Duncan was walking up to feed the pigs first thing in the morning, when he heard grunting. He recognised the noise as that of a sow giving birth.

Mr Duncan said the second litter was always larger than the first.

He added: “They just lie on their side, close their eyes and lift their leg up. Usually, they do it fine by themselves, but I spent hours with Wiggy.

“She had three and I was waiting for more, but they didn’t come. I called the vet and when he got here, he said one was stuck.

“He put his hand up her rear and pulled it free. Then I saw two little legs and pulled it out.

“She was in labour for around nine hours.”

Mr Duncan said he had to wipe the mouths and poke straw up the piglet’s snouts to clear their airways.

He said: “Within a minute, they were looking for their mother to start feeding.

“The vet said he could tell the pigs were well looked after as they didn’t mind being touched.

“The mums let us get so close to the piglets but they are wild animals so you have to be careful. They are beautiful though and when they started running around, it was brilliant.”

The piglets will be raised until they are six or seven months old and then be taken for slaughter.

Mr Duncan said: “They aren’t pets. This is a business.”

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They're animals, they're well looked after, they're made of meat and the sausages are fantastic. Try them, they beat anything else around here.

Posted by SOSS FAN on 12 December 2011 at 07:54

I totally agree with you shocked !! It's almost as though the last 3 lines don't belong to the same story ?? How can you 'Love it when they start runnin round' Etc then drop that in casually ? I know they are slaughtered but it didn't seem appropraite to point it out.

Posted by Jan on 11 December 2011 at 05:20

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