Sunday, 14 February 2016

Paint stripper attack on car in Millom

A BUSINESSWOMAN has branded the latest in a string of vandal attacks “an own goal for Millom”.

Gwen Fearon, owner of the Clock Tower Cafe, has been subjected to a string of vandalism during the past five months.

In the latest incident overnight on Sunday, vandals poured paint stripper over a BMW car owned by Mrs Fearon, and her husband, Sean, causing £2,000 worth of damage.

Mrs Fearon, 52, was left fuming by the incident, which followed a “tombstone” being left outside the cafe last month and the windows being smashed twice.

However, Mrs Fearon said the vandals will not drive the cafe from the town. She said: “I do not know why they are doing it or what they are hoping to achieve by it – we are not going anywhere.

“This is the fifth incident in as many months. This is not hurting us, it’s hurting the town.”

The car was targeted when it was parked near Mrs Fearon’s Albert Street home.

Mr and Mrs Fearon had CCTV cameras installed at the Market Square cafe in a bid to beat vandals, which Mrs Fearon believes is the reason they resorted to attacking her car in Albert Street. She said: “The cameras are obviously working – that is why they attacked the car near our house.

“We have had to pay for our windows and for cameras – they must be working for them to come to our home.”

Mrs Fearon told the Evening Mail she planned to park the car in Market Square as an “attraction” for tourists.

She said: “I am furious, we will leave it in the square for tourists to see until somebody gets arrested or the town does something.

“People need to realise they are not above the law, they are not going to keep getting away with it.”

A spokesman for Cumbria Police said Millom police were aware of the situation. He added: “Officers are conducting house to house enquiries and crime scene investigators have examined the vehicle for forensic evidence. Police are treating the incident seriously as the victim has been targeted a number of times before.”

Anyone with information about the criminal damage to the vehicle is asked to contact Millom police on 0845 3300247.

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whoever did this thinks they're untouchable, but they can't call the shots now, guess they're just not the loving kind, but i could think of 3 words to say to them!!!

Posted by cheryl tweedy on 16 August 2010 at 20:22

Anyone else would get clamped for leaving their car in the square for a long period of time. I can hardly see tourists flocking into millom to see this either. Parking is already limited in the town, what point is she actually trying to prove? Just move it!

Posted by Bee in my bonnet on 16 August 2010 at 11:59

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