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‘Mystery’ log piles on Ulverston site spark road safety fears

HUGE piles of logs have been puzzling and worrying Ulverston residents.

WOOD PILE: Logs in a storage yard in North Lonsdale Road, Ulverston. Residents are worried by a possible increase in traffic in the area. Inset, Councillor Mark Wilson MILTON HAWORTH REF: 50041294B000

Thousands of logs have appeared on an industrial property in North Lonsdale Road, prompting confusion and concerns for traffic levels along the road.

The site was formerly the home of G W Waite, which has since moved to new premises, and was recently taken over by Lakes Biomass.

The company has confirmed it is using the site to produce woodchipping for use by biomass boilers.

Town and district councillor Mark Wilson said he had been contacted by several residents asking about the sudden appearance of the logs.

But while he was satisfied the new use of the site did not fall foul of any planning regulations, he said residents were having to put up with a lot of disruption. He said: “It just seems as though Ulverston East is under siege at the moment – but for good reasons.”

He said planned flood prevention work could see a large stone wall in Lund Terrace demolished, while there had also been substantial work taking place at the allotments in The Ellers.

Meanwhile, a £30,000 study is planned to determine how best to handle increased traffic along North Lonsdale Road as the £350m biopharm development at GlaxoSmithKline gets under way.

The transportation of logs along the road is likely to add to concerns over increasing traffic and councillors are keen to stress that they have the situation in hand.

Cllr Wilson reassured residents any disruption caused in the area as a result of the recent developments would be outweighed by the benefits they bring.

He added: “It seems that various things are coming up. It looks as though many of these things are under control but we are always here for residents to comment.”

Oli Coupland, timber purchaser at Lakes Biomass, said no burning of logs would take place on site and that the company would be chipping and drying them for use by other companies.

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why is the council wasting our money on a study?
if they look back to when glaxo had its own fleet of wagons (and it was a big fleet) they used to come out at the morcambe rd junction and out onto the A590, To save any problems with wagons having to turn the corner just put a set of traffic light on the junction an yellow lines that way no blocked road at 4.30 when the polish wagons cant negotiate the corner because of traffic coming out.
Their job done £2k please saved the tax payer £28k put the savings towards a set of traffic lights.

Posted by over stating the obvious on 22 November 2012 at 19:32

30k spent on a study to see how to handle the traffic,save yourself 30k up the main road left on to quebec street take 3rd left down morecambe road and follow the road to Gsk.There you go 30k saved well 29k as i have charged you 1k for the advice

Posted by ulverston on 20 November 2012 at 21:21

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