Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Help Track down Jack and the Domino boys

WE are hoping readers can provide information about this musical group based in Ulverston.

NAME THEM: We are trying to find out more on the players and origins of Jack Clayton’s Domino Dance Band from Ulverston

The picture was provided by Allan Cassley, of Crompton Drive, Dalton.

He writes: “I have a photograph of Jack Clayton’s Domino Dance Band which I inherited amongst family photos.

“It may be that one of my relatives is in the band; I don’t know.

“They probably played in the 1920s/1930s.

“I have been in contact with John Clayton, the son of the leader, and he would dearly love to learn more about the band.

“He lives in Cheltenham and has visited Ulverston but has been unable to find out anything about it.

“He has an advertisement for the band which gives ‘Bankhurst, Ulverston’ for a contact.”

The advertising card for the band reads: “Did it ever occur to you that man’s life is full of crosses and temptations?

“He comes into the world without his consent and goes out of it against his will and the journey between is exceedingly interesting.

“The rule of contraries is one of the features of the journey.

“When he is little the big girls kiss him; when he is big the little girls kiss him.

“If he is poor he is a bad manager; if he is rich he is dishonest.

“If he needs credit, he can’t get it; if he is prosperous everyone wants to do him a favour.

“If he is in politics, it is for gain; if he is out of politics, he is no good to the country.

“If he doesn’t give to charity, he is mean; if he does, it is for show.

“If he is religious, he is a hypocrite; if he takes no interest in religion, he is of the world.

“If he shows affection, he is silly; if he cares for no one, he is cold blooded.

“If he dies young there was a great future before him; if he lives to an old age, he has missed his calling.

“The broadest smile of all the smiles is the smile seen on the faces of satisfied dancers who dance to Jack Clayton’s Domino Dance Band.

“It is the smile of satisfaction.”

An address given for the band on one document is 62 Hartley Street, Ulverston.

lIf you can name any of the players on the picture or know more about the band, get in touch with Bill Myers at the Memories Page


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