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Girls cautioned after admitting Ulverston play area fire

FOUR girls have been identified by police as responsible for the arson attack on a children's play area in Croftlands.

Police have thanked everyone who helped in their investigation into the blaze, which shocked the local community in July.

A wooden castle was burned down at Croftlands play area, in Central Drive, causing thousands of pounds of damage.

An investigation was launched by Ulverston police and as a result, four teenage girls have now been identified as being responsible and have been cautioned. The girls, two aged 12 and two aged 13 - all from the local area – admitted recklessly causing the damage after failing to call the Fire and Rescue Service when a fire they lit to keep warm got out of control.

The announcement comes on the same day the group that formed to raise money to repair the damage received a £3,500 grant from Cumbria County Council.

Sgt Rupert Johnston of Ulverston police said: “I wish to thank the many members of the public who contacted us in relation to this incident and helped us to detect the crime. It has taken two months to get to the bottom of this and I’m pleased to say that the people responsible have been identified.

“The girls have been spoken to, along with their parents, and they have admitted lighting a fire that unfortunately got out of control and caused significant damage. They have been interviewed and received final warnings which will remain on their records into their adult lives. This means that if they commit another offence, they will be taken straight to court.

“The four girls and their parents will now have to go to the youth offending service who will address their offending behaviour.”

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Isn't it crazy that a playground castle should cost £12.000. Isn't it also crazy that the community or even a responsible builder wouldn't be allowed to build a replacement. We and our Councillors need to reconsider a policy where bureaucrats make decisions that violate common sense. We have had SLDC battling with our community group to stop the group making and installing three much used picnic tables in Mill Dam Park. They cost the tax payer nothing, we bought the materials and made them ourselves and they have withstood the attentions of lively teenagers bouncing on them (and the protests of government officers - we were told to remove them). Thankfully they are still there, resisting the attentions of the SLDC officers. "Quiet on the Western Front"? This crazy policy needs changing. Money in the pockets of insurance companies and priviledged companies. This policy stifles local intiative and a 'can do' society. As in National Politics regarding the West Coast Line Trains bid - politicians need to take a hard look at the money wasting that goes on in government (£40 million). Meanwhile needy projects face cuts. When will sanity return? It does when we fight for it!

Posted by Geoff Dellow on 3 October 2012 at 21:46

Hope the helps explain the cost...
"Playground equipment is extremely expensive - yes its taken us by surprise too, when we set out to raise the money to replace to castle, we had no idea how much it would cost, we too were thinking perhaps a couple of thousand - what we wanted to do was ask a local builder to do it, made sense to us"
BUT we were quickly informed that when installing new playgrounds, or repairing parts of playgrounds, councils have to meet strict safety standards - and it is on council land.
No. 1 - it's all got to be British Standards approved, this mean we have to get it from a manufacturer of playground equipment.
No. 2 - It has to be designed for public spaces not for back garden use, this means it is made out of a different standard of materials.
No. 3 - there are not a lot of companies. There are only a handful of companies that build castles. (we have looked at at several, and to replace like for like is actually the cheapest option by several thousand)
The £12,000 includes fitting it, fireproofing it! digging out the earth that has the burnt out mats in it, and replacing it with new earth and safety matting.
Really hope this helps, we too know it is a lot of money, we have looked into it, we have asked questions.

Posted by croftlands castle project on 23 September 2012 at 22:23

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