Sunday, 14 February 2016

Dairy farmer’s dismay as Stank wind power bid fails

A SCHEME to build a second turbine at a dairy farm has been refused by planners.

Barrow Borough Council’s planning committee voted to reject plans for an 11kw, 18m turbine at Stank Farm in Stank.

The turbine would have been the second to be added at the farm, after planning permission was granted for a similar turbine in May.

However, at the same meeting last year, plans for a second turbine were rejected due to noise concerns.

Residents of Stank village, Newton and further afield objected to those plans, however the committee ruled that the first turbine would not have a damaging effect on the landscape.

More than 30 complaints were registered against the proposal for the original 18m turbine, and three objectors spoke at a meeting of the council’s planning committee.

At yesterday’s meeting, planning officer Charles Wilton told the committee that they had to decide what impact the turbine would have on the area.

He said: “We have had a site visit. We have viewed the level of the existing turbine and the committee has looked at the proposed location for the second turbine.

“In relative terms, the proposed site is actually lower than the existing turbine. But the proposed location is also much closer to some sensitive viewpoints.”

Councillor Brendan Sweeney said the turbine was in too prominent a position for the committee to be able to accept it.

He said: “Having been on the site visit, and although I am not opposed to wind energy, I feel this particular scheme is too prominent.”

Gemma Farrow from renewable energy consultants Myriad CEG urged members to accept the proposals and added that applicant John Cooper was dismayed when he heard the committee had been recommended to reject the plans.

She said: “There were only two objections to this application.

“Imagine (Mr Cooper’s) dismay therefore when the officer recommended it for refusal.”

Despite the plea, councillors ruled that the second turbine was too prominent and voted unanimously to reject planning permission.

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Should never have had the 1st one approved, seemed to go under the radar if you ask me and got passed through quickly. They are only wanted by farmers for the money they get for them, it's all they are interested in.

Posted by Len Jones on 8 February 2013 at 10:47

What a pity the planning committee didn't show the same good judgement when the first stank turbine was put before them. It's an ugly, prominent feature on the local landscape , despite false claims that it would hardly be visible. Imagine the dismay of the locals in stank and Newton when this went up!!! Everyone else is disadvantaged so the farmer can have free electricity.

Posted by Quixote on 7 February 2013 at 17:22

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