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Confusing Ulverston traffic law even baffles the cops

PLANS to improve traffic on market days could see a one-way system reversed in a Furness town.

CONFUSING: The traffic signs on New Market Street, Ulverston, explain over-complicated rules councillors, John Clough (right) and Judith Pickthall think HARRY ATKINSON REF: 50037307B003

Existing rules to stop vehicles travelling along certain roads, including New Market Street, in Ulverston, on Thursdays and Saturdays, are frequently ignored.

Councillors have said the existing rules are too confusing and many residents are not aware of the restrictions, in spite of the road signs.

A reversal of the one-way system on Brogden Street is being considered to help deal with the problem.

Work is under way to implement a more effective system and improve the signs, which makes it difficult to enforce the restrictions currently in place.

Town councillor John Clough said: “We are trying to work with Cumbria County Council and the police together to stop people parking where they shouldn’t.

“Not allowing them down on market day would be a step in the right direction.”

The rules prevent vehicles from driving along New Market Street and Benson Street on market days between 9am and 5pm but various exemptions make them hard to police.

As things stand, the fact vehicles can access the roads to allow disabled access to the markets and to get to private car parks makes it difficult to identify which cars are using the roads legally.

County councilor for Ulverston West, James Airey, has allocated around £10,000 to fixing the situation and says work is under way to improve the relevant signage.

He said: “The county council put forward several options and the town council came back with it preferred option, which the county council is hoping to proceed with.

“The signage was inadequate and these plans are meant to make life easier for people trading on market day.”

Inspector Kevin Spedding, of Ulverston’s Neighbourhood Policing Team, told councillors last week: “The problem we have got is we have got so many exclusions, people that can quite legitimately travel down that road. What do I enforce? That is the difficult part.”

Councillor Judith Pickthall, deputy mayor of Ulverston, said: “This can be solved and will be solved but as ever these things take time.”

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I agree with Phil. People used to evan come Grange on special bus trips when we had a proper Market. Now the farmers market day is no longer Thursday. And if you want to look at confusing signs look at the one above the Tesco store plenty of cars have been booked there and I have warned plenty about it when passing and cars parking.

Posted by ALAN on 2 February 2013 at 18:15

Too many cars use New Market Street as part of a 'rat run' to Tank Roundabout, often stopiing on double yellow lines en route to use a cash machine or make a quick purchase. There is no need for this and in fact what it is doing is to make a visit to some of Ulverston's best shops and cafe's a 'dice with death' situation as young, fit, drivers speed down the cobbled street. Why can't Ulverston do hwat many market towns have done successfully and create a pedestrianised area from the junction of New Market Street and Market Street with Tank Roundabout.

Posted by Ric Bastable on 17 August 2012 at 11:02

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