Sunday, 07 February 2016

CCTV footage shows fight erupt in Ulverston pub

SHOCKING CCTV footage released for the first time today captures the moment a violent brawl erupted at an Ulverston pub.

The fight at The Grapes in Market Street on July 21 last year left three men with convictions for using threatening behaviour to cause fear or provoke violence.

On Thursday businessman Jonathan Chapman, of Cross Lane, Ulverston, was handed a 24-hour community rehabilitation order for his part in the incident. He was also ordered to pay a £60 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

Gareth Simpson, of St David’s Road, Ulverston, entered a guilty plea to using threatening behaviour to cause fear or provoke violence and last month was sentenced to 200 hours of unpaid work and ordered to pay £85 costs.

His co-accused, Adam Mills, 28, of Park Road, Swarthmoor, pleaded guilty to two counts of the same charge and was punished with an order for 250 hours of unpaid work and an £85 bill for court costs.

Mr Chapman, the owner of Cumbria Karting and Cumbria Bowling, explained he initially entered a not guilty plea in an attempt to force the hand of the Crown Prosecution Service and ensure the CCTV footage was shown in court.

“On the first court date the CPS had the CCTV at the court, but neglected to show it,” Mr Chapman said.

“They also had the photos and statement at their office but did not bring them to court to use. Instead, all the CPS used was a brief summary of the statements. So I had to put in the not guilty plea so the magistrates would see the footage.”

Mr Chapman, 23, says it shows him throwing only two punches – neither of which, he claims, landed – whereas he was left with a broken nose, stamp marks to his head, two black eyes and kidney soreness from a volley of punches and kicks.

Inside the pub at 10.17pm, CCTV footage shows someone who appears to throw three punches at Mr Chapman before the duo clutch, wrestle and are finally separated.

A few seconds later, another man responds to a swing from Mr Chapman with about 16 punches of his own that leave his victim on the floor and clearly dazed. The hostilities spill outside and into an alleyway beside the pub at 10.19pm.

One man then unloads another flurry of punches that knock Mr Chapman to the ground before the fight is obscured as more than a dozen onlookers gather to watch.

The two emerge a few seconds later and one man is seen throwing more punches before they separate for a final time.

Mr Chapman released a copy of his basis of plea to the Evening Mail which was presented to the court by his solicitor, in which Mr Chapman accepts responsibility for his actions but admits he had been unable to fully remember the incident at the Grapes.

In the basis of plea he said: “I accept some of my behaviour in the pub was aggressive and uncalled for but I was badly assaulted ... and sustained repeated heavy blows to my head during the incident.”

  • In Friday’s Evening Mail, we quoted Mr Chapman’s solicitor, Rachel Broughton, as having said he was saddened by his “repulsive” actions. We have been asked to make clear she in fact said “impulsive” actions. We apologise for the confusion.
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