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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Can you help Furness jobseekers get into work?

TODAY the Evening Mail is launching its We Want to Work campaign to highlight and tackle one of the most pressing issues in Barrow – unemployment.

The Evening Mail has joined forces with government employment and training organisation Action 4 Employment (A4e) in a bid to tackle one of the town’s biggest social problems.

Daryl Wright, 22, of New Street, Barrow, has been out of work for three-and-a-half-years.

He has experience in catering and hospitality and is keen to find any kind of employment.

The We Want to Work campaign aims to find seven Furness jobseekers work in a town that boasts the highest long-term unemployment in Cumbria.

Barrow’s Central ward has the highest unemployment figures in the county, with 9.9 per cent of residents out of work.

We are now setting down a challenge to local employers to step up and help our jobseekers achieve their ambitions and get back to work at a time when the UK economy is teetering on the brink of a triple-dip recession. Despite the thriving industry of the town many of the vacancies available are highly-skilled roles, meaning first-time job seekers especially struggle to get a foot on the jobs ladder.

Many of the candidates have spoken about filling out endless job applications only to receive little to no feedback.
Each candidate is eager to get to work so they can earn a wage and contribute to society.

What we are asking is – can you help?

Whether you run a farm, a factory or a flower shop can you help turn someone’s life around by giving them the chance to step back into work?

Despite the best efforts of some of our jobseekers even if they find a suitable vacancy it’s not always so easy.

Joe Reynolds, local business leader for A4e in Barrow, said: “At the moment the economy of Barrow is difficult.

“Retail outlets have closed down and staff taken on over the Christmas period have been released.

“Businesses in retail or care are offering zero hour or under 16-hour contracts.

“There are transport problems, especially in the Lakes where there is seasonal work – a lot of our customers can’t accept jobs because transport doesn’t tie up with working times.”

Mr Reynolds added one client was unable to take a job in Millom as they were unable to get to and from work due to poor weekend public transport links.

He added: “We want them to stay in employment, we want them to get a job and keep the job – it will give experience and growth.”

In a series of special features over the next few days we will be telling you more about our ‘super seven’ jobseekers so potential employers will have plenty of information about their qualities and what they could offer.

We are giving these seven a platform to showcase their skills in the hope local businesses and employers with vacancies see they could be just the person for them.

The campaign also aims to dispel the myth that relying on benefits is a lifestyle choice.

We will also carrying helpful hints and tips for finding work in the local job market, supplied by Barrow A4e advisors, to help jobseekers find potential employment opportunities, contact employers, produce CVs and prepare for interviews.

Employers who would like to find out more about how they can help in our We Want to Work campaign are asked to phone A4e’s Barrow team on 01229 835311.

Tomorrow – in depth profiles of our seven jobseekers.

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Ive got a Bike I dont need these days, Is that any use? After all, we are still living with Lady Thatchers Legacy?

Posted by Norman Tebbet. on 3 February 2013 at 18:33

Have to say, appreciate the Evening Mail stepping in to help some of us unemployed get back into work, however, i also have to point out... Once again its barrow that gets the help what about us that are not residents of barrow? i.e millom, askam, etc, as you'll probably have guessed by now i too am unemployed, i reside in millom and when i attend my local A4E advisor all i hear is, because i am not a barrow resident i will not get funding for any training i require/want.
i have done so many various courses through a4e and still have nothing to show for it, they put me through SIA training then told me i cannot get funding to actual purchase the licence. (pointless training then), Fork lift licence (they lost paperwork) again pointless training an thats just a few examples...

maybe people should start thinking further a field when it comes to funding rather than their own friends and family favours.

Posted by Annoyed on 30 January 2013 at 09:29

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