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Brett McDermott’s statement to the RFL

BRETT McDermott has written a statement to the RFL, outlining his mitigating circumstances for his failed drugs test.

The following is the main body of that appeal letter.

“During the period of February 17 to date, I found myself under considerable pressure. My third child (Akio) had just been born and the loss of income from my rugby was having an impact.

“Also I work for my dad in his coal business. This is an extremely physical job and during the winter months there is a huge amount of work to do.

“My dad, during this period, was also suffering from injuries, having snapped the tendons in his arm, torn the muscles in his shoulder and was suffering from a hernia.

“I knew that my dad would find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to work the rounds on his own without me.

“So the financial pressures and the pressure to return to work as soon as possible to help my dad meant I felt the need to get better as quickly as possible.

“This pressure led me to take what I was told was a healing agent. This was a one-off, over-the-counter medication, which I took in order to heal quicker.

“This was not taken as any sort of performance-enchancer, as indeed I was not playing and not due to play, until at the earliest April 14.

“I got the all-clear from my specialist on March 25.

“Although I accept it was a somewhat stupid and naive thing to take a healing agent without knowing what ingredients the healing agent contained, I was desperate to get better quickly and return to work, both to help my dad, but also, of course, to earn a wage, with a wife not working at the moment and three children under the age of five.

“I would ask, please, for you to take into account my 17 years-plus career, which I have dedicated 100 per cent in a completely honest way.

“I have never taken any form of performance-enhancer in my entire career. It was not my intention to take any performance-enhancer at the time of this latest injury.

“I believed I was only taking something to help me heal quicker while I was not playing or due to play for some time.

“I am extremely embarrassed and ashamed that I have made such a stupid mistake at the end of a long and completely honest career and do not wish to bring any bad press to the club I love and have always supported.

“I am prepared to retire from the game, as I realise my mistake is not good for my club, and also because I have a very large fan club of young people and children who look up to me. I do not want them to think that taking illegal substances is in any way a good idea.

“I would like to stress that I have had a long and honest career and would ask that my good reputation and commitment be taken into consideration, and also the mitigating circumstances of the pressures to return to work and to support my family.

“Also, that this was a one-off to heal my injury and was not in any way a performance-enhancing exercise.”

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I agree with every word Trevor - rugby was a way of life for Brett, i sincerely wish him and his family best wishes and in my eyes you will always be remembered for your playing skills and been a genuinly nice guy - chin up kidda x

Posted by jan d on 17 April 2011 at 00:25

Where has Barrow raiders support for Bret been during this, non existent, someone at the club should be offering Bret some form of support to help him through this most difficult of times for him and his family. A servant of Barrow rugby for many a year, you can't just slam the door in someone's face and say that's that. Barrow Raiders, put an arm round this lad because believe me , he needs it now.All to often players feel isolated after being in the spotlight, take Terry Newton for example, I bet that his former clubs had handled that situation differently.

Posted by Trevor Dickinson on 10 April 2011 at 21:14

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